Monday, June 16, 2008


For the last few days we have been working on the module Acquisition. As mentioned in the last post all the three failures in this module were raised due to C-API changes. We were trying to map the tp_richcompare to the compare function which was mapped to the tp_compare function. We made this change with the help of Sidnei, our mentor.

The part of the code introduced was copied from the datetimemodule.c from python2.5. We had tested the patch against both python2.4 and 2.5 with no failures or errors. We have checked in the patch to Zope checkins. We have asked for a review in Zope mailing list also.

At present there are two failures and one error. We are now trying to fix these. After this we will move on to the RPython implementation. Thats all for now..

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The First Step

We a group of five from S4 CSE Government Engineering College Thrissur is working on the GSOC 2008 project- porting Zope2 to Python2.5. We have been engaged with this project from the first week of May. Basic ideas regarding SVN check out and testing were given by our seniors who did the GSOC 2007 project-porting Zope3. As for our present status we have made the first check in to the Zope trunk.

We got errors and failures in modules Zope2, ZPublisher, Products and Acquisition. Two of us started working in Acquisition and the rest in module Zope2.

In Acquisition, the failures were raised due to the changes in C-API. So we started referring C-API manuals. We have been reading about tp_richcompare and tp_compare. The cause for the failures was that the C-API function was not being called in certain cases. We are trying to fix these failures by mapping the richcompare function to the user defined function wrappercompare. And the work is in progress.

Regarding module Zope2, it was having 4 failures and 1 error. All of them were due to the change in hierarchy of the exception classes, which prevents the correct setting of HTTPResponse status. We have managed to rectify these failures. Meanwhile we got the commit access and we made our first check in.

Our team, Ranjith Babu Kannikara, Bristow Thankachan, Vijin C P, Vyshakh Krishnan and Deepak M R, will come up with more updates next week.

Thank you.