Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last week our work was a little hanged as we were shifting to the college hostel. As mentioned in the previous posts we were working in two groups. Ranjith, Deepak and Vijin were trying to implement the restricted python and by the time me and Vyshakh managed to fix all the errors and failures in python2.5.

Meanwhile we tried to eliminate the deprecation warnings. We changed the string exceptions to class based exceptions in the module Zope2 and made the module free from the errors,failures and deprecation warnings. And thus all the errors and failures are fixed in python2.5. Now we are trying to eliminate other deprecation warnings.

The checkin will be done after discussing with our mentor.

We hope to completely eliminate the deprecation warnings and implement the restricted python as soon as possible.

PS:- Any helps regarding the implementation of restricted python are always welcome.

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Tres Seaver said...

Please do check the changes in, assuming
that all tests still pass when run under
Python 2.4.