Sunday, August 3, 2008


Last week Ranjith was trying to implement restricted python. He was going through documents of restricted python and was trying to get help from the mailing list. He had a discussion with Martijn Fassen and now he is trying to patch the existing restricted python implementation by closing all the possible holes created by the changes by python2.5.

Me and Deepak were trying to fix the errors and failures in python2.6. We fixed some syntax errors which was due to the new keywords in python2.6. Last few days we were trying to fix the import errors and we got considerable help from the mailing list. We managed to fix import error of the module ImplPython and now going on through other errors.

Vijin and Vyshakh were dealing with the deprecation warnings in python2.5 and they have asked for help in mailing list. As the deprecation warnings in python2.5 and the errors in python2.6 are interrelated we decided to join the group, so that we can finish both in parallel.

By next week we hope to make more checkins to the zope trunk after fixing the errors in python2.6 and removing the deprecation warnings in python2.5. After that we all will join Ranjith in implementing restricted python.

More updates soon.


Michaelangelo said...

Keep up the good work, can't wait to see you guys succeed.
As you might know most modern Linux distributions come with Python2.5, reinstall 2.4 will be history, you guys make history.

Bristow said...


Thank you for the comment.