Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hi everybody..

Happy to be back soon. We are happy to see ourselves making progress in different ways.

We managed to get the failure, in the module Products, fixed which needed only a slight change in the file C-API file _Acquisition.c . Of course we got help from the Zope-dev mailing list. We have already made the Checkin for this fixing.

Bristow and Deepak have managed to fix the deprecation warnings regarding 'with' and 'as' by replacing the respective variables with another name. The changes are still to be checked in as both of them are waiting to get their commit access to the Zope svn. The replies from the mailing lists of Zope-devPython-dev towards their doubts were pretty much helpful.

Vijin and Vyshakh are still working on removing all other deprecated warnings. Hope to see them make it very soon.

The security auditing of zope in python2.5/2.6 is also at the starting phase. We have put mails in mailing lists of Zope-dev , PyPy (Which we have decided not to give so much importance after some discussions with Sidnei) and in Python-dev. We hope to start with the AST implementation of the restricted python very soon.

Not so much for now. And hope to see you soon with more updates on the progress...

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