Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The mid-term evaluation is over by now. And we are happy to be here again. Sidnei has helped us by pointing out the next works to be accomplished. As the time-line for the project is still known to be the first or second week of August, we have decided to divide the work among ourselves.

The works -
Testing and fixing Zope on Python 2.6 - will be handled by Bristow and Deepak..
Fixing all the deprecation warnings - will be handled by Vijin and Vyshakh..
Doing a security audit on new types introduced in Python 2.5/2.6- will be handled by Ranjith..

Sidnei has already pointed out another work - Trying to run other applications, for example, Plone on top of
Zope/Python 2.5 to see if anything breaks- which we will be looking afterwards.

We are also going through the failure and error left in the modules Products and Zope2..
Thats all upto now..

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