Thursday, July 10, 2008


Sorry for this late post. Since we were having university exams we were not able to devote fully into the project. Any way we are now back in track.

For the last few days we were trying to fix the failures in modules Products and ZPublisher and the error in Zope2. The failure in ZPublisher was a doc test failure. We fixed it by making a slight change in the doc test. We have already made Zope checkin with this change.

We have been going through the error in Zope2 and failure in Products. In Zope2 the error is due to the raising of configuration error with an invalid warning category in python2.5 . And in module Products the failure is basically because of the change in class hierarchy in python2.5 which results in the failure to find the attribute of a class. We are trying to get these fixed. Hope it won't take much time.

For the RPython implementation in zope2 we are in need of some help and guidance as we are not much familiar to the security auditing of RestrictedPython. Our organization administrator has suggested that a volunteer named Chris Withers is interested to help us in this matter. We have asked about it in the Zope dev mailing list.

We will back soon with more progress..

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